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Chenes Architectural Style


Chenes Architectural Style example from Hochob.


According to the signs in the Museum of Maya Archaeology in Campeche city in the state of Campeche, the Chenes region is located between the Puuc region and the Rio Bec Region. The Chenes Architectural Style incorporates elements from the Puuc and Rio Bec Architectural Styles. Specifically, the Chenes style includes the following Puuc features:

decoration based on reeds

facades with smooth surfaces made from well cut stone masonry


Chenes Architectural Style example from Dzibilnocac.


The Palace-Pyramid type structure, composed of a single story building divided into several rooms, on top of which rises 1 or more pyramidal platform bases topped by a temple, is the Chenes style's most distinctive element. Temples are entered via an extremely steep stairway, as seen at Dzibilnocac and Santa Rosa Xtampak.


Chenes Architectural Style example from Santa Rosa Xtampak.


In most Chenes buildings, animal masks decorate the facades and a tall roof comb composed or rows of standing figures modeled in stucco surmounts the facade.


Mayan cities displaying the Chenes architectural style include:


Santa Rosa Xtampak

El Tabasqueno



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