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Rio Bec Architectural Style


Rio Bec Architectural Style example from Hormiguero.


According to the signs in the Museum of Maya Archaeology in Campeche city in the state of Campeche, the Rio Bec region is located in south to southwestern Yucatan. The Rio Bec style is more closely related to the Puuc and Chenes styles than the Peten style. The Rio Bec and Chenes styles share a number of architectural characteristics such as animal mouth/mask entrances and rows of long nosed masks at building corners like at Chicanna.


Rio Bec Architectural Style example from Chicanna.


The main feature of the Rio Bec style is an architectural complex with towers composed of a long low building with 2 corner towers rising from the main facade. The towers are solid ornamental representations complete with fake (translation: steep and almost unclimbable) stairways leading to a simulated temple, like in the main structures at Becan, Xpuhil, and Rio Bec.


Rio Bec Architectural Style example from Hochob.


The Mayans decorated the facades of buildings with drums grouped in 3s along the plinth, some vertical panels with checkerboard motif, crosses, serpents, or stylized serpents on the walls, and a number of figures carved in stone or modeled in stucco concentrated in the frieze and the roof comb.


Rio Bec Architectural Style example from Xpuhil.


Mayan cities displaying the Rio Bec architectural style include:




Rio Bec



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